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We stock over the counter medication, dewormers and medical treatment for all animals that you know of or can think of, and, if we do not have it, you enter it in our counter book and we will have it on shelf in 48 hours, or, send us an email with a list of items you usually buy so we can make sure to stock what you want.
We offer an array of different animal food and feeds, pet goodies for you fury family, livery goodies and accessories for your 4-hooved family.
We are even going to be stocking a bit of everyday hardware essentials along with some clothing for branding etc.
Our postal and courier service will be up and running in no time.
Please be on the look-out for our internet order form.
We have some serious dreams and goals for the business but one thing you can be sure off, is that we will always do our very best to offer personal, hands on and friendly service.
We are happy to arrange a courier if we are not fortunate enough to see you in person at the shop.
We strive to give only the best prices and will make sure thereof.
Come in and enjoy a cup of coffee while you shop around for a fancy Garmet for your Yorkie or some Maxitet La for your Boergoat or even some parrot food.
We will have a veterinarian next door for your convenience.
And what’s better then to treat your pet with some treats from the store after his injection.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  •  a Free cup of Coffee

Meet our Team: